We run two classes Monday to Thursday 5:45 and 6:30, the 6:30 class is always a beginners class.

MetCon at 5:45 is a 45 minute session, including a warm up,  workout brief and then a short workout comprising of one or two parts. We develop skills, improve efficiency of movement and master pacing,  intensity and hard work

MetCon for Beginners at 6:30 this is the same as the 5:45 class but everything is more focused towards adapting workouts to suits different fitness levels.

Friday open gym 16:00-18:00 group workout to start at 5:30

Saturday open gym 09:00-11:00 1 hour of conditioning starts at 10:00am

Open gym is available most days, see website/Facebook/Twitter for updates.

Open gym can be used to:

Complete a strength program

Catch up on a workout you have missed

Developing your weaknesses

Complete mobility

What else is available? 

Team sessions

We have the biggest space to complete team workouts in the County, being able to accommodate any sport clubs. Sessions are excellent for building team moral and of course speed and power.

We have had huge success with Johnston FC who won the double when they completed a team workout once a week from October to March.

Haverfordwest RFC trained with us through the wettest months with great results getting promoted to division 1 for the first time in over 15 years